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General Sexual Slang

Aappa Gahanawa (ආප්ප ගහනවා) - Committing a lesbian sexual act, specifically Tribadism. Literally means 'hitting or touching hoppers' and suggests the etimology of the phrase. (e.g. Girls hostel eke aappa scene bahulai kiyala thamai aaranchi (ග'ල්ස් හොස්ටල් එකේ ආප්ප සීන් බහුලයි කියලා තමයි ආරන්චි) means 'It is heard that tribadism is a common practice in the girls' hostel'.)
Allanawa (අල්ලනවා) - Literally means touch or hold. When used in sexual context, means touching the genitalia or breasts. Sometimes used as a eupimishm to mean 'sucking up the hierarchy' similarly to Puka Denawa (පුක දෙනවා). (e.g. Nikang okunta allanna epa ban (නිකං ඕකුන්ට අල්ලන්න එපා බං) means 'Don't suck up to them'.)
Ængilla Gahanawa (ඇඟිල්ල ගහනවා) - Female masturbation or fingering of the vagina by another person.
Arinawa (අරිනවා) - Vaginal or anal penetration. Literally means release. (e.g. Okita porawal dethun denekma ærala thiyenawa (ඕකිට පොරවල් දෙතුන් දෙනෙක්ම ඇරලා තියෙනවා) means 'Several guys have fucked her'.) Also means getting 'used' in a non-sexual context. (e.g. Aroo apita arinnai enne (අරූ අපිට අරින්නයි එන්නේ) means 'He is up to doing something bad to us'.) Aninawa (අනිනවා) is also used similarly in both contexts. Ænna Pænna (ඇන්න‍ා පැන්නා) is a well known phrase, which means 'ran away after using'.
Athe Gahanawa (අතේ ගහනවා) - Male masturbation or 'jacking off'. Wæla Adinawa (වැල අදිනවා) (literally 'pulling the line') is the campus version of this and it also is well known, although not mainstream. See 'Wæla' below.
Baduwa (බඩුව) - Young or attractive female (chick). Baduwak Set Wuna (බඩුවක් සෙට් වුනා) - got friendly with a girl, Baduwak Daa Gaththa (බඩුවක් දා ගත්තා) - got hitched with a girl, Baduwak Issuwa (බඩුවක් ඉස්සුවා) - managed to get the girl to a place where sexual exploration (making out, Necking) or sexual acts can be done.
Badu Gahanawa (බඩු ගහනවා) - having sex (with multiple women/prostitutes), promiscuous sexual behaviour. Badu Gahanawa (බඩු ගහනවා) is significantly different from Baduwa Gahanawa (බඩුව ගහනවා) which does not nessesorily imply promiscuity. Gonnu Gahanawa (ගොන්නු ගහනවා) means having sex with prostitutes. (See the definition of Gona (ගොනා))
Badu Giya (බඩු ගියා) - These two words when used together means 'ejaculated'. Can be shortened as Giya (ගියා).
Bachcha Kolla (බච්චා කොල්ලා) or Bachcha (බච්චා) - Submissive male homosexual partner of underage. May have derived from the hindi word for the small boy Bachchaa.
Diwa Daanawa (දිව දානවා) - Performing oral sex on a female, Cunnilingus. (e.g. Diva daala sæpak dennawath danne nædda? (දිව දාලා සැපක් දෙන්නවත් දන්නෙ නැද්ද?) means 'Don't (you) at least know how to give pleasure by performing cunnilingus?')
Æthule Gahanawa (ඇතුලෙ ගහනවා) - Full sexual intercourse. Literally means 'Fucking Internally' that is opposed to Gal Kapanawa (ගල් කපනවා) - (Intercrural Sex), Thalanawa (තලනවා) - (Dry Humping), or Katata Denava (කටට දෙනවා) - (Fellatio) which can be broadly categorized as Pita Gahahanawa (පිට ගහනවා) that literally means 'Fucking Externally'.
Gal Kapanawa[2] (ගල් කපනවා) - Refers to penetration between the partners thighs, (or intercrural sex). In Sri Lankan context, this method is a common practice among teenage/young adult lovers as a safe sex practice without loosing virginity, and also regarded as a big achievement in romantic/erotic relationship. Also means the similar practice between male homosexuals.[2]
Gal Kolla (ගල් කොල්ලා) - Submissive male homosexual partner. Refers to intercrural sex.
Gal Karaya (ගල් කාරයා) - Dominating male homosexual person. Refers to intercrural sex. There is a spoof acronym used by youths called R. P. G. which stands for Rajaye Prasidda Galkaru (රජයේ ප්‍රසිද්ධ ගල්කරු) meaning 'Government Registered Homosexual'.
Gona (ගොනා) - Prostitute, whore. Satha (සතා) is used as a further euphemism. Literal meaning of Gona is the Bull and the Satha is the beast. Etymology of this term is based on the fact that Gonorrhea (a form of STD) can be easily transmitted by prostitutes.
Jack Gahanawa (ජැක් ගහනවා) - Having sexual fantasy by Pressing genitalia against female commuters of crowded public transport such as buses, trains. This is embarrassingly common occarance that female commuters have to live with. Also note that it is very common for young and attractive male commuters to experience similar harassment from homosexual males. (in the case of male/male, it is more of Allanawa kind of acts than jack gahanawa). In Sri Lankan context, it is extremely rare for women to victimize men in this manner in public transportation, although there are instances of female to female sexual contact.
(Baduwak) Kanawa - Somewhat outdated term which means excessive kissing (necking) and licking of body parts (usually) without any removal of cloths(not to be confused with the term Diva Daanawa).
Katata Gannawa and Katata Denawa - Performing and receiving oral sex. Fellatio
Kelin Wenawa - Getting an erection. Naginawa is also used. (uasge e.g. 'Athana inna baduage gala dekala Aruta negala' means 'That guy got a hard-on seeing that chick's leg')
Kolu Kaaraya - Male homosexual. Kollo Gahanawa is the act of promiscuous homosexual behavior of a Kolu Karaya. Similarly Badu Kaaraya is used to refer to a sexually promiscuous hetrasexual person.
Nuula Kædenawa and Nuula Kada Gannawa - male version of Pettiya Kædenawa and Pettiya Kada Gannawa (Just like with the case of Pettiya Kedeema, the event Noola Kedeema is not technically correct or proper means of verifying virginity. For most males, the Noola does not have any physical significance with the act of sexual intercourse)
Pettiya (පෙට්ටිය) - Euphemism for hymen. Literally means box. Pettiya Kadanawa (පෙට්ටිය කඩනවා) - Former means de-flowering of a female by a male. Pettiya Kadaa Gannawa (පෙට්ටිය කඩා ගන්නවා) - The situation of loosing virginity.
Polima (පෝළිම) - Euphemism for gang bang. Literally means 'the queue'. Can even mean Gang Rape (e.g seniors la detun denek freshiyekta polimak daala kiyala kata kathawak thiyenawa means 'There is rumor that couple of seniors have gang raped a fresher girl')
Pol leligahanawa - Having sex with woman on top position
Pita Yanawa (පිට යනවා) - Literal meaning 'going out' which refers to having extramarital relationship.
Puka Denawa (පුක දෙනවා) - Submissive act of offering the anus for penetration. This especially used to refer to submissive male behavior in homo-erotic context. A derivative, Denawa (දෙනවා) when used by itself in this context, means the same. However, certain people (specially females) use this term to mean 'sucking up the hierarchy' sometimes even without knowing the etymology of the term.
Puke Arinawa (පුකේ අරිනවා) - Anal penetration.
Nidiwadinawa - Literally 'sleeping with' meaning having sexual intercourse.( non 'hip' outdated term)
Thalanawa - Simulating the body movements of a sexual intercourse, (Dry Humping) or any other forms of non-penetrative sex, while fully or partially clothed; hence without the risk of actual penetration, loss of virginity, pregnancy etc. Can also fefer to just touching and squeezing of female partners body parts, specially breasts.
Thola Denawa (තොල දෙනවා) - Romantic/erotic kissing on the lips. Usually regarded as the 'first base' of sexual foreplay by young adults and adolescents in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lankan context this is regarded as the BIG first step in romantic/erotic relationship. The first base can eventually be followed by activities such as Athaganawa which refers to soft touching of the body which may include erotic zones such as Gala followed by Mirikanawa which refers to touching and squeezing of body parts which may include Gedi. Acts such as Katata Denawa, Ethule Gahanawa are usually not in this line of romantic foreplay, till the relationship establishes in to a physical one (within marriage or pre-marriage). Acts like Puke Areema are regarded as sexual perversion.
Wela - Porn. Wela baanawa - downloading porn from internet. Wela Pattara - Porno/Adult publications. The term Wela derives from the euphemisms for male masterbation Wela Adinawa.